This article is about Rstmp Rennen-Slovette in the Polandvision Song Contest

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Rennen-Slovette is a nation intended to debut in the 3rd Polandvision Song Contest. It had quite a journey to the competition, as it had to win against Greece in a poll. It ended up being a landslide 20-1 victory. It is a Polandball veteran on Nationstates. It won Polandvision 5 with a record 149 points.

Hostings Edit

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#3 Cheryl Lynn Got to Be Real 15 46
#4 P!nk Today's The Day 13 47
#5 OK Go I Won't Let You Down 01 149
#6 Carpenters They Long To Be (Close To You) 05 58
#7 The Emotions Best Of My Love 01 119
#8 Yael Naim New Soul 05 66
Edition Location Venue Presenter
5 Sørhavn Sørhavns Naśonalteatre Henrik Drettner and Ingrid Karinsdett
8 Norrtillæ PlatPlaza Henrik Drettner, Ingrid Karinsdett and Frida Enelviks
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