This article is about Propwash in the Polandvision Song Contest

Propwash has participated in the Polandvision Song Contest 3 times since their debut in the 11th contest hosted in Peninsula Italae. With their victory in the 12th Edition, Propwash has hosted the 13th Edition of the Polandvision Song Contest in Corraine, Propwash's capital city.

Hostings Edit

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#11 Room39  Born To Be Your Friend 15 26
#12 Toto Africa 1 74
#13 (H) Daryl Hall & John Oates You Make My Dreams 5 71
#14 Breakbot Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane XX XX
Edition Location Venue Presenter
13 Corraine Corraine Memorial Field Stadium Kamden Norton and Madeline Jennings

Polandvision 13 Ticket

Propwash (1)