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Welcome to Polandvision Song Contest Wikia. The purpose of this Wiki is to act like a database for information about the Polandvision Song Contest. The community is the one from the Nationstates forums, which is where the Song Contest is held in the Polandball forums.

Polandvision is the Polandball version of Eurovision, hosted in the Nationstates forums in Forum 7.


Anyone is allowed to edit the Wiki. If you are new, we strongly recommend that you read the following.

Getting started Edit

Obviously, you shouldn't vandalise any pages. You can contribute to your nation if you have one in the Polandball Wikia, if you want to contribute images, send a telegram to Dreamplanet in Nationstates or leave it in the Polandball Mess-About thread.


Polandvision Song Contest is the main event of the Wikia.

Blub War was the reason why the Polandvision was even suggested.

Polandvision Song Contest 1 was the first ever edition of the Polandvision Song Contest, hosted by Dreamplanet Dreamplanet.

Polandvision Song Contest 9 was the latest edition of the Polandvision Song Contest, hosted by Oskania Oskania

Polandvision Song Contest 10 is the upcoming edition of the Polandvision Song Contest, hosted by Komekong Komekong


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