Polandvision Song Contest #3
Polandvision Song Contest 3
"Feel the beat"



Final date

June 4, 2016


Zagreb, Hrvenija Hrvenija

Debuting Countries

SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia
Kondika Kondika
Komekong Komekong
Daenska Flag Daenska
Snaerland Snaerland
United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia
Rstmp Rennen-Slovette
Bahtar Bahtar
Amureka Amureka
Flenski Flenski
The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy
Greater New Finland Greater New Finland
Eastern Asian Republic Eastern Asian Republic

Withdrawing Countries

Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia
Neusiedlung Neusiedlung
New Romania I New Romania I
Sakartvelos Respublika Sakartvelos Respublika
Tekeristan Tekeristan
Greece Greece
China IV China IV
Radical Serbia Radical Serbia
Kolechia III Kolechia III


Rustyal Rustyal
Полина Гагарина
"Спектакль окончен"




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Polandvision Song Contest #3 is the 3rd edition of the Polandvision Song Contest. It will be hosted in Hrvenija after her victory in the 2nd Polandvision Song Contest with 127 points, 10 points ahead of Rustyal.

Participating CountriesEdit

Sign ups closed on the 1st of June, after a flurry of nations joining the contest, it actually overflowed as Flenski also wanted to join, he was given the waiting postion as Tekeristan did not have a song ready yet. 24 nations have confirmed entry in the Polandvision Song Contest, with 15 debutants so far, which is the most debutants ever, along with the most participants ever.

Only Hrvenija of the main Triple Alliance will compete in the Polandvision Song Contest 3, but Snaerland joins the Triple Alliance as the 4th member.

It was the first time that the signups were closed prematurely due to it reaching the 26 song limit.

Last editions there was 15 nations in the contest, but in this edition there will be 26, the first time that the Polandvision Song Contest was full.

Poll Edit

On the day before the contest, a [1]Poll was opened to decide if Greece (the one-off debutant) should be kicked out for Rennen-Slovette to be able to join as Greece was a real life nation and Rennen-Slovette was a Nationstates country, which the rules say is the only nation type that can join.


The voting format is the traditional Eurovision format of 1-8,10 and 12 points that was used in the 2nd Polandvision Song Contest.

The requirement for that voting format is the participation of over 10 nations, as countries cannot vote for themselves.

Grand FinalEdit

These are all the nations participating in the final. This is the most participants that was ever registered on the Polandvision Song Contest, with the number being at 25.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Tajči Hajde da ludujemo 10 69
02 SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia Elena Risteska Ninanajna 24 17
03 Kondika Kondika Poli Genova If Love was a Crime 16 46
04 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet Marc Roberts Mysterious Woman 05 90
05 Caribinea Caribinea RUSSKAJA El Pueblo Unido 09 71
06 Kro new Khryov Goran Bregovic Kalashnikov 03 101
07 Scientificum Scientificum Eskimo Disco 7-11 14 50
08 Stahn Stahn Tito Y Tarantula After Dark 19 36
09 Rustyal Rustyal Полина Гагарина Спектакль окончен 01 126
10 Komekong Komekong Wagakki Band Roku Chounen 07 81
11 Daenska Flag Daenska Alestorm The Sunk'n Norwegian 12 59
12 Hrvenija Hrvenija Nina Kraljić Lighthouse 02 126
13 Snaerland Snaerland Greta Salóme Hear Them Calling 04 100
14 The Last Stars The Last Stars Justin Bieber Baby 25 16
15 United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia Joe Hisaishi The Girl Who Fell from the Sky 06 87
16 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Cheryl Lynn Got to Be Real 15 46
17 Bahtar Bahtar Ruska Dawaj, Dawaj! 13 51
18 Amureka Amureka Tom Leher Send the Marines 18 36
19 Flenski Flenski Justin Timberlake SexyBack 20 34
20 The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy Dire Straits Sultans of Swing 17 38
21 Ralioskener Ralioskener The Offspring You're Gonna Go Far, Kid 11 66
22 Skarten Skarten Escala Palladio 08 72
23 Greater New Finland Greater New Finland Evelina Sireenit 22 19
24 Eastern Asian Republic Eastern Asian Republic Black Eyed Peas Bebot 23 18
25 Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists JPB & MYRNE Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion) 21 26

Tiebreaker Edit

The tiebreaker was needed to seperate Hrvenija and Rustyal, which both had 126 points. Rustyal won because Rustyal had more 12 points than Hrvenija.

Nation 12 pts 10 pts 8 pts
Rustyal Rustyal 3 2 2
Hrvenija Hrvenija 2 1 1

Rustyals winning entry

Other Countries Edit

Last Edition Peformers Edit

Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia will withdraw to have a break.

Neusiedlung Neusiedlung will also withdraw to have a break.

Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists Had a plan to exit, but later entered a song in the last few minutes.

Debutants Edit

SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia Was confirmed alongside Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro

Kondika Kondika was confirmed alongside Dreamplanet.

China IV China IV was confirmed after the contest ended.

Komekong Komekong was confirmed after being re-founded.

Daenska Flag Daenska was confirmed after being independant from Denmark.

Snaerland Snaerland was confirmed alongside Hrvenija.

United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia was confirmed during the "Race for the New Last Stars Flag".

Greece Greece was confirmed as a one-off after China IV tried to register NATO in Polandvision.

Bahtar Bahtar was confirmed in the early hours of the 31st of May. The original last day of Voting for the 2nd Polandvision Song Contest.

Amureka Amureka was also confirmed on the 31st of May.

Tekeristan Tekeristan was meant to have a song, but 2 days before the contest Tekeristan withdrew from the Polandvision Song Contest, it was replaced by Flenski.

The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy confirmed its entry into Polandvision after a royal statement from Christiansborg Palace during the afternoon hours of May 31st.

Sakartvelos Respublika Sakartvelos Respublika had a unexpected withdrawal on the 2nd of June.

Rstmp Rennen-Slovette secured it's spot after winning the poll 20-1.

Controversy Edit

The Last Stars sent Justin Bieber on purpose to try to finally come last.

Greece was a one-off participant, after China IV tried to register in NATO. Real nations entering in Polandvision will likely never happen again. But however, after a crushing poll, Greece was kicked out of the contest 20-1.

After Greece's forced withdrawal, NATO declared war on Dreamplanet and Rennen-Slovette, later the Saepricot Union, the Triple Alliance (Excluding Saerland and Hrvenija), Kolechia III and Radical Serbia fought the war against NATO. Kolechia III and Radical Serbia left the war. It is still going on.

Gallery Edit

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
Amureka Amureka - Caribinea Caribinea - Cessia Cessia - Daenska Flag Daenska - Devernia flag Devernia - Dreamplanet Dreamplanet - East Lebatuck East Lebatuck - FRB flag stamp FR Bermuda - Greater New Finland Greater New Finland - GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation - Harmoor template flag Harmoor - Hemmia Hemmia - Hrvenija Hrvenija - Katyushastan Katyushastan - Komekong Komekong -Kondika Kondika - Kro new Khryov - Lehr flag Lerhavirbuter - Luger flag Luger - Neusiedlung Neusiedlung - Flag of North Virginia North Virginia - Oskania Oskania - Proflag666 Promethean Colonialists - P I Flag Peninsula Italiae - Ralioskener Ralioskener - Rayanov Rayanov - Regents Regents - Rstmp Rennen-Slovette - Rustyal Rustyal - Scientificum Scientificum - Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro Serbia Kosovo and Montenegro - Skarten Skarten - SKM Macedonia SKM Macedonia - Stahn Stahn - Swabia Swabia - Tecton Tecton - The Danish Confederacy The Danish Confederacy - The Last Stars The Last Stars - United Cultures of Aclesia United Cultures of Aclesia - United Territories and States United Territories and States - Wenedowslavia Wenedowslavia

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