Polandvision Song Contest #14



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xth of August 2018


Libon, Dreamplanet Dreamplanet

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Polandvision Song Contest #14 is the fourteenth edition of the Polandvision Song Contest.

The host was Dreamplanet after winning the previous contest on a tiebreaker. The slogan was "Music Comes Home", chosen as it was the first time that Dreamplanet hosted Polandvision since Polandvision 1. The logo included a 14 in the Dreamplanetian colours, not just symbolising the fact that it was the 14th edition but also the fact that it was Dreamplanet's favourite number.

Participating Countries Edit

Polandvision 13 is still with the format of being a Discord Exclusive.

There were doubts as to how Dreamplanet would host since he hadn't been in the Nationstates Polandball discord since May but Dreamplanet opted to choose someone to pass his instructions down to.

Voting Edit

The voting followed the standard format as the number of entries was above 11. The Google Docs voting format was scrapped in favour of the traditional format of messaging the host with the votes.

Grand Final Edit

This is a list of the nations that took part.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Dreamplanet Dreamplanet (H) WE TRUST Time (Better Not Stop) XX XX
02 Komekong Komekong A Lin Think of You XX XX
03 Hemmia Hemmia Ted Gärdestad Satellit XX XX
04 PWTB Propwash Breakbot Baby I'm Yours feat. Irfane XX XX
05 Devernia flag Devernia Coldplay The Scientist XX XX
06 Rstmp Rennen-Slovette Viktor Lazlo Breathless XX XX
07 Suphannaphumi Suphannaphumi Takkatan Chollada Love or Lie XX XX
08 Template:Oranje Portugal. The Man Feel it still XX XX
09 Kro new Khryov Leningrad Ju-Ju XX XX
10 Harmoor template flag Harmoor Barns Courtney Rather Die XX XX
11 Luger flag Luger Steam Powered Giraffe Honeybee XX XX
12 Regria flag Regria Joe Burke and Edgar Leslie Moon Over Miami XX XX
13 Oskania Oskania HiZuMi Mountain of Faith XX XX
14 Achya Achya The Real N~Flying XX XX
15 United Territories and States United Territories and States Masketta Man The Fire Rises XX XX
16 GreaterNordicFederation Greater Nordic Federation Looking Glass Brandy XX XX

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