This article is about Krocavica Krocavica in the Polandvision Song Contest

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Krocavica, Representing the Song ENERGIA From the Second Polandvision Contest.

Krocavica debuted in the first edition, Mostly getting unpopular votes with it's drastically different Music. It was the co-founder after suggesting the contest to calm down tensions after the Blub War.

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#1 KORPIKLAANI Ämmänhauta 05 27
#2 RUSSKAJA Energia 06 90
#3 Goran Bregovic Kalashnikov 03 101
#4 Pablopavo Telehon 15 44
#5 Adam Walaciński Deszcze niespokojne 22 31
#6 maNga We Could Be The Same 01 91

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
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