This article is about Komekong Komekong in the Polandvision Song Contest
"Bolanvision gets hard when a country just has no middle ground in music"
PolenBall Veteran Badge

Komekong, happy to debut in the 3rd Polandvision Song Contest.

Komekong debuted in the 3rd Polandvision Song Contest, finishing on 7th place. It is a Polandball veteran on Nationstates.

From its first entry to Polandvision Komekong has steadily dropped lower in final positions before the eight edition saw a slight bump back up again. Having reached no higher position than 6th place and ended third to last in the sixth edition, Komekong has a mediocre record at best until finally taking the first place in Polandvision 9..

They were a participant in the NSPolandball Football Cup 2016, not winning a single game.

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#3 Wagakki Band Roku Chounen 07 81
#4 JJ Lin The Dark Knight 06 62
#5 Jane Zhou I Am Me 13 56
#6 Jay Chou Eunuch With a Headache 15 37
#7 Withdrawn
#8 Toffee Tuberose 11 40
#9 Mayday Party Animals 01 85

Personality & Musical Tastes Edit

Tired and battered from a long civil war and endless political turmoil, Komekong finds the glamour and joy of Polandvision a very welcome distraction and puts much effort and energy into the competition. He naturally considers himself and any entry he sends far superior to all others despite evidence.

Komekong has a very modern music taste, competing with C-Pop songs with heavy influences of techno, rock and even RnB. Consequently this is also genres that will get many points from him. On top of this the Komenese has a weakness for funny songs, often voting for them if they are entertaining enough.
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