This article is about Dreamplanet Dreamplanet in the Polandvision Song Contest

"Alright, so, Rustyal was of the only nation close to yuo... How does it feel to beatings him, and will of things go well in bed at the housings tomorrow?"
―Dreamplanet, after Hrvenija's victory in Polandvision 2.
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Dreamplanet in Polandvision 2 with "Love Shine a Light"

Dreamplanet debuted in the first edition, becoming the host of the first edition.

It co-hosts every edition to make sure that everything goes to procedures and is the "Committee" of the contest. It's best ever finish is 2nd. being a single point behind the winner, Krocavica.

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#1 Lúcia Moniz O meu coração não tem cor 04 36
#2 Katrina and the Waves Love Shine a Light 03 101
#3 Marc Roberts Mysterious Woman 05 90
#4 Rollo & King Never Ever Let You Go 04 96
#5 Lordi Hard Rock Hallelujah 07 81
#6 Alexander Rybak Fairytale 02 90
#7 Leonor Andrade Há Um Mar Que Nos Separa

Personality Edit

Dreamplanet's personality is often quiet. However he goes out of his way often to embarrass himself for "the sake of the plot". He attempts to be friendly but lets his temper get on the way of being kinder to others. He conciders himself to be average, as he isn't on top of any lists such as army, landmass or anything of sorts.

Nationstates countries in Polandvision
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