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This article is about Caribinea Caribinea in the Polandvision Song Contest
"Am just happy to be here, Mon!"

Caribinea is a nation who debuted in the 1st Polandvision Song Contest. Her places tended to be average in the contest, staying between 7-12th place, but finished dead last in the fifth edition. She is the 3rd Blub Nation.

Edition Artist Song Final Points
#1 Manu Chao Me Gustas Tu 07 20
#2 The Clash Lost in the Supermarket 12 53
#3 RUSSKAJA El Pueblo Unido 09 71
#4 Asian Dub Foundation The History of Now 11 51
#5 Bob Marley Redemption Song 24 19
#10 Patrice Soulstorm 17 28
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